A cell with a view….

Well, I’m back in Elmira again….What a fucking circus. I’m going to describe the environment…


So, first of all, it is so hot it’s practically unbearable, I’m sweating my balls off and the worst part is that I got here on a Friday so no showers until Wednesday since Monday is Labor Day. This means that I am forced to take multiple birdbaths everyday, especially after rec and working out. I’m in my cell on the 2nd tier of 8 in total, 22 hours a day. So obviously I have lots of idle time.


There are birds flying all over the place, back and forth, between feeding on the commissary ( ha ha) and resting in their nests.


AND…. I have a new friend who I have named Odysseus ( yes, from The Odyssey). He is a mouse that I sneak bread back from the mess hall to feed, and he is free to come and go as he pleases, although he seems pretty content in my cell most of the time where he gets food and water. Sometimes he does venture out of my cell for a couple of hours at a time to do mouse things, but so far he always returns promptly. Right now Odysseus is looking at me curiously while casually munching on a pancake I brought back for him from breakfast.

I have gotten pretty good at fishing. I ripped the side of my blanket off and made about a 50 foot line, then tied a bar of soap to it so that it has weight and I can swing it to other cells to move supplies back and forth. I can even get it to the galleries on the tiers across, above, and below me !

imgres-2I’m reading a very interesting book that I got from a porter entitled FROM THE DIARY OF A SNAIL.   The background for the book is the 1969 election campaign in West Germany, which for the first time since WW II brought the SPD to power ( Willy Brandt) to the chancellorship. Although, a good part of the book explains what happened to the Jews during the period of 1932 through the war – and explains in great detail the persecution of the Jews. It is a very dense book but great reading. The Author talks a lot about growing up as part of Hitler Youth.

Let’s see, what else. My neighbor is here on a parole violation. He was out for 2 years after serving 13 years for manslaughter from back in October 2001.  There was a crack deal gone bad in which a guy was threatening to shoot him and he pulled the guy out of the driver seat of a truck, jumped behind the wheel of the guy’s car, and drove off. He was pulled over by a cop 2 miles down the road where he discovered the guy’s foot had been stuck in the seat belt – the guy had been dragged beside the truck to his death. It was the first time my neighbor had ever been in any legal trouble or had any police contact ever !


There was a story from my last time in Elmira about a pedophile who was targeted by inmates and beaten to a bloody pulp with his own cane. Well, this time I have seen a rape-o ( rape charge) get his face busted by a C.O. and two other rape-os get beaten up by inmates in the yard. One man who raped a 6 -year -old gets spit on and jabbed at any time he leaves his cell. Although I don’t take part in the habitual harassment, I can’t say that I feel sorry for any of them. ( Since I wrote this letter one of the rape-os had the shit beaten out of him in the shower….blood everywhere….)


More later……


“the greater the intelligence, the more devastatingly its stupidity can run wild….”